The Timeless Style of Aluminum Windows

The Timeless Style of Aluminum Windows

If you subscribe to the “simple is beautiful” aesthetic, then one type of window may be a perfect fit in your home: aluminum windows.

An excellent complement to all interior design styles, aluminum windows shine—sometimes literally!—if you’re drawn to easy elegance with no sacrifice of performance.

Wondering whether aluminum windows are right for you? Here’s a closer look at this sleek, chic, and durable modern window style.

The Allure of Aluminum

From architecture style to furnishings, many elements of a home have the potential to add to its beauty. And while choices like paint colors may have a more obvious impact, others may be more subtle. Regardless, every component—no matter how big or how small—impacts the overall look and feel of a space.

Because of their utilitarian nature in terms of both ventilation and light, windows are often an afterthought. However, they have tremendous aesthetic potential, as well.

There’s no better indication of this than one of today’s most popular window types: aluminum windows.

The Versatility of Aluminum

Because of its strength and durability, aluminum has unique benefits—not just in terms of functionality, but also in terms of its appearance. A sleek, modern window option, aluminum has a clean and understated elegance. This also makes it exceptionally versatile, especially when you factor in the near-endless assortment of colors available with aluminum.

While aluminum is a natural choice for contemporary and minimalist homes, it goes equally well with traditional decorating styles. For example, many historic renovations now utilize aluminum windows and doors because of their ability to seamlessly integrate with many facade types and materials.

Also available in many different sizes and configurations, aluminum windows work with nearly all floor plans. Whether you prefer the feel and functionality of fixed windows, casement windows, awning windows, single hung windows, your vision is possible with aluminum windows.

Additionally, while rectangular aluminum windows may be the standard, the flexibility of aluminum allows for customization. From arched windows to architectural windows, aluminum can be molded into the shape of your choice.

Plus, aluminum windows look just as beautiful from the outside in as they do from the inside out for optimal curb appeal.

Aluminum Windows: Rooms with a View

Speaking of the outside in, the combination of minimal framing and maximal glass surface offered by aluminum windows allows for abundant air and natural light—two sought-after commodities among today’s homeowners.

Is there any better feeling than walking into an airy, open, and breeze-filled room filled with sunlight? Aluminum windows can help you create this feeling in your home.

That brings us to another benefit of aluminum windows. When it comes to expanding sight lines and highlighting your natural surroundings, there’s no better choice than aluminum cladding and framing. The thin, sleek profile of aluminum maximizes the surface of the glass.

Looking for truly uninterrupted and expansive exterior views, meanwhile? Aluminum picture windows deliver.

Strength + Sustainability + Safety = Beautiful

With more homeowners seeking out sustainability in their design choices, aluminum is also a desirable type of window. One of the planet’s most plentiful resources, it is sustainable and recyclable.

And because aluminum windows maximize natural light and air, they minimize the need for artificial lights.

Another way to improve your home’s carbon footprint while also trimming your utility bills? Opt for high performance impact glass. Not only is this strong window type the best defense against hurricane and extreme weather events, but it also boasts excellent energy efficiency.

Because of its strength, impact glass is also more secure than alternatives making it a powerful deterrent to burglars and other criminals.

Simple Means Easy, Too

While some beautiful things require a great deal of upkeep, aluminum windows shine for the opposite reason: they’re refreshingly fuss-free in terms of their cleaning and maintenance requirements.

A durable, weatherproof, and corrosion-resistant material, aluminum can last for years with regular cleaning.

They’re even easier to open and close thanks to the lightness of the material!

The takeaway? Aluminum windows are a mindful pick if you’re looking for home improvements that will not only make your life more beautiful, but easier too.

Choose High Quality CGI Aluminum Windows

If your home’s windows are its eyes, aluminum windows are an especially expressive choice. Offering a gracious appearance with no tradeoff of functionality or performance, aluminum windows have the potential to elevate your home while improving your quality of life in it.

Of course, all windows aren’t created equal. Practicing due diligence when choosing a window manufacturer can help you leverage all the beautiful benefits of aluminum—whether you’re drawn to the single hung window style, casement window style, or other style of window.

That’s where CGI comes in.

A leading provider of high quality aluminum impact or non-impact windows and doors, CGI products prioritize design, strength, and flexibility at an accessible price point.

To take the first step toward elevating your home with timeless aluminum windows, browse our line of impact resistant windows today.

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